Due to the anticipation of vast amount of applications, applications via methods other than this recruitment system will NOT be accepted. For details about the posts, please refer to http://oldjobs.hku.hk/jd.php?id=201701228.

Please refer to http://oldjobs.hku.hk/include.php?page=npd for HKU's policy on Personal Data.
Application Procedures
Step 1
Please complete the online application form and then upload the following documents:

1. Cover letter
2. Application form (341/1111)
3. CV with hyperlinks to google scholar profiles and ORCID
4. Publication list since 2014 with journal impact factor and number of citations
5. Research proposal
6. Statement on teaching philosophy

Please put your documents into a single ZIP file OR a combined PDF file with encryption. The maximum size of upload of this single file is 20 MB.

Step 2
Shortlisted candidates will be notified by email to attend an interview by February 26, 2018.

Step 3
Interviews will be conducted during March 5 - April 27, 2018. The exact interview days vary according to Research Divisions, and are listed in the advertisement. Due to the tight schedule of the whole recruitment exercise, applicants who cannot attend the interviews on the designated dates will NOT be considered.

Step 4
Successful applicants will be notified of the decision as soon as after the interview.

Q1. I have submitted my files, but now I find that I need to make some changes to one of the documents. How can I do that?

If you want to make any change to your application, including information typed in the application form, or the uploaded zip or pdf file, or any document therein, please submit your application as a new submission. We shall identify you by your email address. We hope to avoid any misunderstanding on which is the latest version.
Q2. I have combined my files into a single pdf file. Can I simply upload it without encrypting it? It is troublesome to encrypt the file and remember the password.

Please understand that due to information security, we would recommend that you encrypt your file as it contains your personal information.
Q3. I don't have a personal website, but my department has made one for me. As you said it is optional, should I put down my department's profile page, or should I simply leave it blank?

It will be helpful if you can put down your profile page that your department has made for you when you don't have a personal website.
Q4. I was born in UK, and got my PhD in Australia. Now I am working in France. What should I put for Geographical profile?

Please put Europe (other than UK) as we would like to have a statistics on applicants' current location. This information is for analysis only, it will not affect decision on individual applications.
Q5. I find that I am interested to work in more than one Research Divisions. Can I apply to two Research Divisions simultaneously?

I am sorry you can only apply to one Research Division in this recruitment exercise. The Faculty and the University actually promote interdisciplinary research. After you have joined the Faculty, you will be able to join other Research Divisions as the Directors of those Research Divisions see fit.
Q6. If I have any query related to this recruitment, whom should I contact?

For the posts, enquiries should be brought to the relevant Department Heads. Please refer to the advertisement at http://oldjobs.hku.hk/jd.php?id=201701228. For enquiries about this application form, please send to the HR Team of the Faculty of Science at sciappt@hku.hk.
Q7. Why do you need to identify my gender? Will my gender affect my appointability?

Certainly not, the University is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to equality, ethics, inclusivity, diversity and transparency. As one of the 10 University Impact Champions for the HeForShe worldwide campaign led by the UNWomen, we are soliciting policy ideas on gender equity. We collect and report professoriate recruitment data on gender, which will be published annually for greater transparency. This optional question is simply put here to facilitate our work on data collection. You can choose to indicate your gender or not. No matter what your answer to or you are not answering this question, it will not affect the decision on your application.